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Interface UhstOptions


  • UhstOptions



Optional debug

debug: undefined | false | true

Set to true and subscribe to "diagnostic" to receive events from UhstSocket.

Optional relayClient

relayClient: UhstRelayClient

Relay client for communication with the relay, normally used for testing or if implementing custom protocol. If both relayClient and relayUrl are defined, then relayClient will be used.

Optional relayUrl

relayUrl: undefined | string

Url to a server implementing the UHST relay protocol. All clients connecting to the same hostId must use the same relayUrl as the host. If not defined and relayClient is also not defined, then this library will connect to a random public relay. If no relayUrl is specified on the host then the library will automatically use the same random public relay for all clients connecting to the same hostId.

Optional socketProvider

socketProvider: UhstSocketProvider

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